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Project Activities


PA 1: a Review on status of monitoring systems and assessment tools, gap analysis and Recommendations for the further development of monitoring systems and tools for each country.

 PA 2: An Indicator-based reporting scheme a support to the countries in harmonization of national policies, including common understanding of water quality.

PA 3: the Recommendations for revision & extension of national monitoring programs, including parameters, monitoring network sites and Guidelines for biological monitoring.

PA 4: an Analysis report on available equipment and needs and training necessities; Recommendations to improve the efficient use of equipment and database on equipment availability
PA 5: a Training programme and training materials, Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and Quality Assurance/Quality Control manuals (QA/QC) for laboratories. Trainings organized in each country.
PA 6: a Methodology for Black Sea survey, including the list of parameters, sites, and an outline for cooperation with joint surveys planned under another EU projects.
PA 7: an agreed Concept for Water Quality Web-Based Database, programming and web portal tested. Guidelines for the database use and data upload, concept for the long-term maintenance.

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